• Added support got python 3.X
  • Removed all async dependencies and all *_async versions of methods with it.


  • Adjusted implementation to use the SlidingMemoryManager by default in python 2.6 for efficiency reasons. In Python 2.4, the StaticMemoryManager will be used instead.


  • Added support for smmap. SmartMMap allows resources to be managed and controlled. This brings the implementation closer to the way git handles memory maps, such that unused cached memory maps will automatically be freed once a resource limit is hit. The memory limit on 32 bit systems remains though as a sliding mmap implementation is not used for performance reasons.


  • Improved performance of the c implementation, which now uses reverse-delta-aggregation to make a memory bound operation CPU bound.


  • Restored most basic python 2.4 compatibility, such that gitdb can be imported within python 2.4, pack access cannot work though. This at least allows Super-Projects to provide their own workarounds, or use everything but pack support.


Initial Release